Kamala Harris has something to say to Republicans who claim that President Trump was "double-teamed" by Joe Biden and Chris Wallace at the first 2020 presidential debate--"Stop complaining."

The vice-presidential candidate, who kick-started her political career by performing sexual favors for then-Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, understands what it's like to deal with two, or more, men at the same time.

According to Harris, no matter how many times she's been in that position, she "never complained and just sucked it up." She fully understands that, just because you think you're going to be one-on-one, that doesn't mean there aren't others waiting to jump in.

"Been there, done that," she said. "You're dealing with one guy and, before you know it, others just start piling on like it's a free-for-all."

The trick, she says, is being open to the situation and realizing that you have to handle everyone differently--knowing ahead of time what makes each one tick. And controlling the tempo--fast, slow, whatever's going to get the job done."

Once she's been able to wrest control, it's just a matter of "popping them off, one at a time."

She admits, however, that "when you're getting it from all sides it can be a bit overwhelming" even for an old pro, like her.

Still, she maintains, there's no reason to complain and she's looking forward to her debate with Vice President Mike Pence "and whoever else may want a piece of her."

"If there's one thing I think I've proven throughout my career it's that whatever happens, I can handle it."