In an effort to ease the public's concerns about the potential for fraud regarding mail-in voting, the U.S. Postal Service has added new dropboxes, intended solely for election ballots.

To lessen the burden on vote counters, the new dropboxes will be color coded. Democrat voters should place their ballots in the existing, trusted blue mailboxes while Republicans will use the new, red ones.

With Election Day nearing, the Post Office needed to move quickly, so accepted bids from private companies. The contract was won by Bada-Bing Waste Management from New Jersey.

Although they didn't have the lowest bid, officials chose them because "they know what's good for 'em and don't want no, should we say, 'unfortunate' things to happen, capice."

Some Republicans, however, are crying foul, claiming that the company's owner, Fat Vinny, is a long-time friend and business associate of the Clintons.

"I don't feel confident that it's on the up and up," said one congressman who refused to give his name and would only speak to us from behind a locked door while using a voice scrambler.

But according to Fat Vinny, there won't be any problems with voting and, if anyone does have a problem, he says they can "come see me and we'll take a ride."

"This voting thing, it's a piece cake," he said. "You lift the lid, drop in your thing, and bam, you're done. Get outta here."