After announcing that Steve Scully, ex-Biden intern and self-proclaimed Trump hater, will moderate the second presidential debate, the Debate Commission has announced the moderators for the third, and final, debate: Jill and Hunter Biden.

According to Tom Benning, a spokesman for the commission, Scully "hates Trump's guts so much that he's going to make the anti-Trump Wallace look like he just came from a MAGA rally" and that having Jill and Hunter moderate the final debate will be "a much needed change from the overt Trump hating we've injected into the contests up to that point."

"There's only so much bias you can show before people start to wonder if it's intentional," said Benning. "Jill's a doctor, and she'll be able to use her bedside manner to provide a calming influence without having her hatred of the president on full display."

Although the selection of Dr. Jill was unanimous among committee members, there was hesitation about including Hunter. While some thought that his presence could increase tensions, most assume that he likely won't show up anyway and even if he does, will probably be stoned and mellow.