Netflix's "Cuties" has become a lightning rod for the company as critics claim that the show, which overtly glorifies the sexuality of underage girls, promotes pedophilia. But, while the public may be outraged, Tinseltown is all atingle.

"I'd do anything to be a part of it," said Kevin Spacey, speaking from the secret location in which he has been hiding since he molested a minor. "It's beautiful art. Did I mention I'd do anything?"

Actor-comedian Chris Tucker agrees. "I only watched the first sixty minutes, but talk about 'rush hour!'" said the star whose name appears on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs to Orgy Island. "I've already instructed my agent: if they need any extras, I want in. Until then, pass the popcorn."

But it's not just legitimate Hollywood actors that get a rise out of "Cuties." John Legend's wife, who in the past has been criticized for pedaphilish tweets, sent the following:

As a petition to remove the show approaches one million signatures, the bigger question may be whether or not the political elite, where Democratic pedophile apologists run rampant, will dig in their heels in solidarity. The excuses, some say, have already begun. Bill Clinton, who has taken more than two-dozen trips on Epstein's Lolita Express, recently declared that he "did not have sexual relations with myself while watching those girls."

I did not have sexual relations with myself while watching those girls.
- Bill Clinton

Meanwhile, at the top of the Democratic Party's hierarchy, Barack Obama, whose policies have been systematically dismantled by President Trump over the last four years, has thus far been silent about the show that treats eleven-year-old girls as sex objects. Some question if the lack of criticism from the ex-president, who, ironically, throws a baseball like an eleven-year-old girl, should be taken as implied support.

But Reggie Love, the man who carried on a several-year-long bromance with the most effeminate president in modern times, doesn't think so. "It's highly unlikely that these girls, or any others, interest him in any way whatsoever. I can assure you that Barack has only a passing interest in females of any age."

"Good!" said John Legend's wife. "More for me! #StillHorny"