In a shocking admission, Joe Biden recently stated that he can't rule out the possibility of casting his 2020 presidential vote for Donald Trump. Although he makes very clear that it's not a decision he will take lightly.

"I hate Trump. Despise him," said Biden. "But I hear the other side is running a horse against him. And not an American horse. A Trojan one."

The ex-senator, whose son smokes crack, is "pretty sure that a foreign-born horse is not eligible to be president."

"I can't vote for a foreign horse and have that on my record," he said. "If I ever want to run for president, they'll use it against me."

But it's not just the fact that the horse was born in "the country of Troje" that worries the former vice-president. He's spent the majority of the last two weeks in his basement where, according to aides, he "stares blankly at the TV for hours" and what he's seen has him concerned.

"They say this horse is dumb, and getting dumber every day," said Biden. "And it never leaves the basement."

"I don't think a whole lot of people are going to vote for this horse. And I want to do what everyone else does."